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Installation, service and maintenance of water, gas and heating systems.

Whether your project is new installation, upgrades and modernization or repair and maintenance, we are the experts. We service commercial buildings, high rises, low rises, medical buildings, warehouses and industrial facilities.

Our reference list includes some of the most demanding projects.

East Side Mall Berlin

The uniqueness of this location calls for exceptional architecture. In its form and interior fit-out, East Side Mall will be a highlight of architectonic innovation. Natural, untreated materialswill engage with shiny and sleek surfaces. The design will reflect the typical street life of the district as much as suave glamour. Artistic ambition interacts with calculated improvisation. Future tenants will embrace a dynamic way of life here – creative, modern and sustainable. Whoever moves in here fancies contrasts. And the extraordinary.

All of the air condition, water and drain installations are provided by Ri-instal.

25 Hours Hotel Dusseldorf

25hours hotels is a fresh and dynamic hotel brand, which builds upon the shoulders of traditional hotel business and searches for new answers to the demands of an urban, cosmopolitan, culturally interested and brand aware audience. They develop individual, made to measure hotels with personality in lively locations.

Their concepts are based on dynamism, surprise and a touch of adventure, with each development having its focal points.

All of the air condition, water and drain installations are provided by RI INSTAL.

Philippsburg power plant
Kontinuirano ulažemo u najnoviju opremu i edukaciju osoblja s namjerom pružanja najbolje moguće usluge svim našim starim i novim klijenatima.

Nuclear energy is considered to be the cleanest, most ecological energy. It is also most demanding to produce. Due to high risks and quality regulations, only the best companies are involved in installing water, sewer, heating and AC lines in power plants. All installation joint weldings are periodically controlled by RTG device.


Nuclear power plants in Philippsburg and Neckarwestheim recognized our quality.

All of the water installations are provided by RI INSTAL.

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