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Installation, service and maintenance of water, gas and hating systems.

Our services include repair, sanation and replacement of water supply systems, valves, mixers and cisterns, replacement of extractors, washbasins, bathroom blocks and toilet seats, as well as repair and replacement of sinks and siphons. We perform sewage pipes testing on leakproofness and flow, camera recordings of installation, detection and fault location, replacement of old drainage pipes, system drainage and maintenance of entire water, heat and air-condition plants. We are testing drainage pipes for leakage and flow, detecting drain pipes using camera and replacing old drainage pipes. For our customers, we perform scanning of drainage (urinal, bidet, washbasin, bath, shower and sink), main vertical and horizontal piping inside the facility, rainwater and faecal piping outside the building to the septic tank.

In addition to plumbing, gas installations and central heating installation, Ri-install also offers you a wide range of construction works, ranging from tiny repairs and adaptations to the most versatile installations.


Installation, servicing and maintenance of complete plumbing and drainage systems, gas installations and heat installations.

Plumbings recording

Internal tube recording, automatic depth measurements, recording and inspection of pipes, digital documenting.

Plumbings locating

Locating drainage and supply pipes.

Installations testings

In case of excessive water bills, we offer you the leak detection of water and other installations.

Pipes unplugging

Professional and fast service of home drainage, main vertical and horizontal pipes, rainfall and faucet pipes and shafts.

Bathroom renovations

We offer you complete bathroom adaptation, including drainage and drainage installation, installation of water meter and installation of bathroom equipment and furniture.

Central heating

Installation, service and maintenance of central heating systems, both for residential buildings and for large projects.

Air Conditioning

Installation, servicing and maintenance of air conditioning systems, both for simple residential buildings and for large projects.

Special weldings

All types of special weldings.
We are constantly investing in the latest equipment and staff education with the intention of providing the best possible service to all our old and new customers.
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